Saâda Bonaire – Lost Tape »1992« will be released

Foto: Andreas Weiss © Captured Tracks
A tape by Bremen’s Saâda Bonaire that was thought to be lost will be released with the title »1992« on Captured track. A transparent vinyl edition is available exclusively from HHV Records.

Saâda Bonaire were supposed to be stars. Two German models who sing, a DJ who produces and the interplay between exoticism and cultural appropriation were on the wish list of the music giant EMI in the eighties. They bargained so high with the trio from Bremen that they shoved the money at them in handcarts – until the result could be heard. A no-wave mix from the art academy, global pop for Disco Stu, German weirdness for the niche. The label cut the cash line, the rest is the short story of a band whose one and only record is traded on Discogs for four-figure amounts of euros.

After Captured Tracks had already reissued Saâda Bonaire’s early work in 2013, group founder Ralph von Richthoven has now unearthed the late goings-on. »While visiting a relative«, as he says, the old tape fell into his hands. What a surprise! In contrast to the bulky Art Pop shoulder pads, in the Nineties they had heard of the Summer of Love. House, reggae and trip-hop were rotating on the turntable. You can hear that on the recording. The preview single »Woman« from the never-released album »1992« alone speaks this language. For retromania and acute flashbacks, 500 Vinyl records will be available exclusively on transparent vinyl from HHV Records.