Senegal’s most iconic dance band Orchestra Baobab come to Berlin


Founded back in 1970 and still on the pulse of time: the Senegalese Orchestra Baobab has always been one of the most exciting groups in the triangle between jazz, Afro-pop, soul and Cuban sounds. (Even though Orchestra Baobab disbanded once in 1987 – the growing interest in Europe led to the band’s reunion 14 years later). Now the musicians are coming to Berlin for a guest performance at the Gretchen on June 27, 2023.

Specialist In All Styles

The sound of Orchestra Baobab is usually characterised by fast rhythms, everything danceable, everything hypnotically driving. Today, the group no longer comes close to the productivity of its early years – although with 20 LPs in fifteen years, it has set itself a benchmark that can hardly be matched. But one of their albums announced already in the title: »Specialist In All Styles«.

Orchestra Baobab shifts through genres, embraces jazz and world music in equal measure and expresses so much longing with vocals and brass that, for all the joy, for all the fuss, there’s always more that sticks. One of those bands you don’t want to miss because a few weeks later you’re annoyed you weren’t there.

Orchestra Baobab In Concert
27Jun 2023
Berlin • Club Gretchen
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