Sessa brings his dreamy Brazilian pop to Hamburg


For a long time, Brazil lovers in Germany felt as if they only had the past and had to dig into decades long past to get more of their sound. But Sessa has been around for a few years now. The musician is an integral part of the Brazilian and US scene and has also made a name for himself in this country with his 2019 album »Grandeza«. In 2022, he refined and perfected his sound with »Estrela Acesa«. On September 5th, 2023, he will perform as part of the Tropicalia series at Hamburg’s Knust.

Brazilian pop, but minimalistic

Sessa stands in a tradition with great Brazilian songwriters such as Tom Jobim. Honey flows through his instrumentals, strings and congas gaze together over the sea, in his lyrics Sessa seeks transcendence. What makes his sound so unique is the relatively sparse equipment of the songs. In 60 years, it will be his sound that people seek because it captures a (dreamed of) magic from a distant time in a foreign land.

Sessa in Concert
05Sep 2023
Hamburg • Knust
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