Squarepusher – Reissue: »Feed Me Weird Things«

Foto: © Warp Records
»Feed Me Weird Things,« Squarepusher’s debut released 25 years ago on Rephlex, will be reissued in an expanded edition on Warp Records on June 4, 2021.

If Squarepusher hadn’t banged acid riffs with Jaco Pastorius licks on a record full of drum & bass breaks in the mid-1990s, who knows who Aphex Twin would have warped out of his label otherwise. In 2021, Squarepusher’s debut turns 25 years young and finally gets a reissue. Tom Jenkinson, the destroyer of intelligent dance music and its builder, pushed the »Selected Ambient Works« aftermates into a crisis of meaning with »Feed Me Weird Things«. An album as a precision landing between Amen Breaks in rave mood, the noise of Pirate Radio Stations and the future of jazz. It was Jungle’s maximization of possibility, a hopeless mess. »Feed Me Weird Things,« once released on Rephlex, follows its own chaotic logic – like flying along the English Atlantic coast at 300 mph, only to suddenly shift from sixth gear to first and turn the bucket seat into an ejector seat. Pretty reckless, no question. But so much fun! »Go Plastic« may be Squarepusher’s most successful album. His debut album is still his prime time. And after 25 years finally available on vinyl again from June 4, 2021..


  • 01 Squarepusher Theme
  • 02 Tundra
  • 03 The Swifty
  • 04 Dimotane Co
  • 05 Smedleys Melody
  • 06 Windscale 2
  • 07 North Circular
  • 08 Goodnight Jade
  • 09 Theme From Ernest Borgnine
  • 10 U.F.O.’s Over Leytonstone
  • 11 Kodack
  • 12 Future Gibbon
  • 13 Theme from Goodbye Renaldo (Originally Japan bonus track and Squarepusher Plays EP)
  • 14 Deep Fried Pizza (Originally Japan bonus track and Squarepusher Plays EP)

»Feed Me Weird Things« by Squarepusher will be out June 4, 2021 on Warp Records.
The reissue includes an extensive booklet with photos and ephemera from the time, as well as sleeve notes from Squarepusher himself.
The first pressing comes on clear vinyl.