Taktik Open Air 2024: Berlin’s brand new Hip Hop Festival


Some are moaning »hip hop is dead«, others are going to the Taktik Open Air this year. Following the footsteps of the big role models in Berlin‘s hip hop history, the capital will be treated to a new open air jam on August 31, 2024 on the grounds of the Revier Südost in the former Bärenquell brewery. The shwocases of hoodlover Savvy or the likeable streetkeeper AchtVier will carry various statements for the underground through the membranes, rounded off by other live monsters such as Ulysee, Die P, Donna Savage and Kreuzberg’s Feinster Fruchtmax.

Taktik Open Air 2024
31Aug 2024
Berlin • Revier Südost
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Rapping, Writing, Skating, B-ballin’ 

The unique location in Niederschöneweide also invites you to celebrate culture away from the stage. Interested parties can register for the graffiti battle on site or attend the rap battles organised by the hip.inside collective with SSYNIC and Herzog as judges, among others. Last but not least, the skate area organised by the Poorbird Skate club offers space for tricks on mini-ramps and rails, while BBC 90 Köpenick invites you to try a few baskets. Maybe the summer won’t be perfect, but 31 August 2024 will be.


Rapper Sazou and the DJ and finger drumming duo Sane’s Medicine were added to the line-up after the article was published.