GERDA picks 10 recent Vinyl records

Das mysteriöse Producerkollektiv GERDA aus dem The Krauts-Umfeld hat mit »Believe in GERDA« einen der interessantesten Releases des laufenden Deutschrap-Jahres vorgelegt. Für uns haben GERDA 10 Schallplatten herausgesucht, die sie aktuell feiern.

When »Believe in GERDA« hits the German rap scene in mid-March, GERDA focuses on an often overlooked element in hip hop: momentum. In other words, that moment when magic is created from art and craft. On closer inspection, however, the GERDA project does not originate from a magic hat, but from members of Seeed and The Krauts and thus from an environment that continues to shape German pop music today through productions for Marteria, Peter Fox and Adel Tawil. There are worse starting points.

Nevertheless, »Believe in GERDA« was released overnight as a secret project. With features from Marteria, Kryptik Joe, Xatar, but also Shacke One, Sazou and Nepumuk, among others, the attention between Spotify Top 100 and rap underground was guaranteed anyway. GERDA claims to have gathered »the best MCs in Germany« in front of the mics over a period of two years. (According to legend, in a castle in Brandenburg, which anyone can believe).

Apart from the big names, the appeal of »Believe in GERDA« lies in the 13 compositions anyway. Unlike conventional producer albums, GERDA focuses on the instrumental. The beat is the star here, which is probably also due to the self-imposed anonymity of its creators. With the boom-bap habitus of US icons such as Tha Alchemist or Conductor Williams, GERDA pour thick loops full of Easter eggs and obscurities – guitar solos, field recordings, radio play samples, you name it – into finely balanced sample nerdery and weighty live instrumentation. For all its musicality, GERDA retains its nonchalance and does not capitulate to its own demands. Yes, this is a project of superlatives from a noticeably professional hand. Above all, however, »Believe in GERDA« is a fine example of never losing (childlike) faith.

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