Guest Mix: RAEDY

His beats are coveted, his mixes legendary. Now Raedy has released a new album, traveled from Thälmannpark to Central Park, took photos and created an audiovisual package. His guest mix is the cherry on top of the cake.

Sometimes you have to be RAEDY and do the right thing at the right moment, but then you just say »Thank You Have A Nice Day« and fuck up the introduction.Stupid, but no stress: pin to start, crackle – RAEDY! Some still know him as V.Raeter, a few older semesters of Sichtbeton and 1,599 SoundCloud followers of Ecke Prenz.

Fatoni once described him as an East German hip-hop legend and most Westerners would actually like to have a beat from him. Now we’ve all got a new album, released by Kabul Fire and called »Thank You Have A Nice Day«, because it sounds so much like New York and »I’ve always wanted to do something about New York«.

Says Martin Pohle, graphic designer, photographer, musician. And RAEDY. Born in the Plattenbau district, he still knows the East from his childhood. In Prenzlauer Berg in the early eighties, Dunckerstraße was his hood. Martin grew up with Amiga records, science fiction and crime tapes, went breakdancing at summer camp and ended up with: »Kopfnicker«, Blumentopf, East Coast. »That’s why this record is also like a look at a home that no longer exists,« he says. »Even 20 years ago, New York was a different city to the songs I heard back then«.

A Walk On The Wild Side

Martin was there for the first time in 2003. A few years ago, once again, just for a visit, never – as he once dreamed in a half-sentence – for permanent residence. »The result is a photo walk through New York,« says Martin, referring to the photo book that will accompany his record, »something like the diploma thesis that I never did, actually a complete work of art, you really have to listen to it together«.

So if you want to take a stroll through New York with RAEDY, you can now do so from home. We almost forgot that Martin has a few other »construction sites«. He is planning something »uptempo« with his Kabul Fire colleague Farhot, and there is also this »lofi house project« with Marteria specialist Nobodys Face.In any case, everything is »in the pipeline«. Because Martin is RAEDY now, sometimes the right moment comes and you hear one of his mixes, like this one, and you just want to say: Thank You Have A Nice Day!