»Dropout Boogie«, the eleventh album from The Black Keys, is set to be released in May


This album could hardly have been born under a better star: since their early days, The Black Keys have been regarded as the stalwart custodians of dirty blues rock, a genre which still has plenty of hit potential. Recently, however, things have been a bit more experimental for the duo – although their new work is said to return back to their roots again. Their new single »Wild Child« from their eleventh(!) album »Dropout Boogie« has thus already been announced. Guitar and drums do what the audience want them to: they blast out the music. With a decent groove in it.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney simply know what it takes to come up with formidable pork-bellied rock, so that no one could ever claim anymore that guitar music is dead. Featuring ZZ Top’s Billy F. Gibbons has found the right guest to frame his personal sound on the new album. And it has been written that »Dropout Boogie« will also score at least two or three hits for a wider audience. Or as The Black Keys say themselves on their new single: » You’re gonna get my love today.« And once you’ve got the love, you’ll never forget this duo from the USA.

The Black Keys LP »Dropout Boogie« will be available exclusively as a limited edition vinyl from HHV on May 13.