The Mighty Mocambos release live album »Scénarios«


After a journey of unforgettable performances, The Mighty Mocambos now release »Scénarios«, a live album. Instead of recording a COVID-19 and Lockdown-inspired record from home, the Hamburg-based funk group managed to drag the mobile version of their studio on the road. Since most of the songs were recorded when the musicians:inside played them in public for the first time, »Scénarios« manages to capture the magical atmosphere of the live performances and spit it out everywhere the album is heard.

Live feeling for the home

In addition to pre-pandemic performances at Hamburg’s Groove City record shop and the JAM PDM! breakdance battle in Potsdam, you can also look forward to Harold Faltermeyer’s famous track »Axel F«. But above all, »Scénarios«, which is now available exclusively from HHV Records in a limited to only 200 copies Purple Vinyl Edition, manages to reflect the unfiltered course of the corona pandemic. For example, the mischievous-sounding »Ghost Walk« is a song on the record that was recorded during a sound check for a concert that later had to be cancelled for security reasons.