They Hate Change announce their debut album »Finally, New«


Tampa Bay rap duo They Hate Change have announced the release of their debut album »Finally, New« on the US label Jagjaguwar on May 13, 2022. The two artists from Florida not only combine drum-and-bass breakbeats, Miami bass and southern rap, but when it comes to genre, also like to jump back and forth between post-punk and krautrock. You can also hear their joy of exploring and challenging the music on the 13-track album as well though. Their song »From The Floor«, which closes the album, wallows in pure euphoria and melancholy and also features DJ and producer DJ Gay-Z, who grew up in Mississippi. The three artists take a roller coaster ride though different atmospheres, which ultimately merge to form a unified picture. Despite their misleading names, the musicians Dre and Vonne have one thing in particular for you to look forward to: variety.

Exclusively on HHV Records there will be a limited Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl Edition plus Slipmat.