If you want Californian soul, this is where you’ll find it: Brainstory release a new album


Brainstory announce a new album on Big Crown for April 19th, 2024 (there will be an exclusive Cue Ball White Vinyl Edition on HHV Records) and they already give us a summary with the title, because: »Sounds Good« sounds good. For Brainstory’s cinematic soul and psychedelic R’n’B jazz, label founder Leon Michels sat behind the mixing desk and brought the band brothers from Long Beach closer to the charm of the East Coast.

Pool Music

The third single from »Sounds Good« was recently released with »Hanging On«. It features »Pretty Girl« performer Claire Cottrill, who may be known to some as Clairo or her 3.7 million Instagram followers. You can hear in the music where the band comes from and what they have made of it: Brainstory come from jazz, from jamming together and have thus become the figurehead of the California soul scene.