With »My Method Actor«, British musician Nilüfer Yanya presents her Ninja Tune debut in September


Nilüfer Yanya announces her new album »My Method Actor«, which will be released on 13 September 2024 on Ninja Tune and is also available exclusively from HHV Records in a signed transparent vinyl edition. The tour through America and Europe will follow in autumn.

Incidentally, the title »My Method Actor« says it all: following the principle of method acting, in which actors immerse themselves particularly deeply in the respective role, Nilüfer Yanya digs deep through the thicket of incisive memories she has of the time during her tour with the last album »Painless«. Back then, she not only changed record company, but also moved from show to show and between two places of residence. There was hardly any time to take a deep breath.

Rough guitars, soft voice

It was only at the beginning of last year that Nilüfer Yanya retired alongside Sudan Archives producer Wilma Archer to work intensively on new music without outside influences. As a result, the new record is “the most intense album” she has ever made. The rough guitar sounds and the singer’s usual soft voice already hint at this interplay of emotions in the latest singles»Method Actor« and »Like I Say (I runaway)« “.