African Head Charge

A Trip To Bolgatanga

On-U Sound • 2023

After 40 years of innovating, it is difficult to tread on new paths. African Head Charge have been on the lookout since 1981. Already on their debut, the duo succeeded in mapping out a distinct style via the combination of Reggae, Electronica and folksy instruments. Their Dub is experimental, pan-african while globally minded. For a long time, this involved eclecticism, say, the combination of Chinese harps and Senegalese drums. In contrast, »A Trip To Bolgatanga« is deeply rooted in Ghanese soil. For songwriter Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah has moved from London to Bolgatanga, a small-town in proximity of the border to Burkina Faso. There, he became engrossed by tribal drums. Following West African traditions, Noah weaves a luxuriant fabric, expertly grounding African Head Charge’s psychedelic Electronica. His rhythmic pulse adorned with fine-grained complexity sprouts drumming unrivaled in 2023. Thematically, the album begets maturity as well. Like a reborn Horace, Noah devises: »Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you ‘appiness. Bad days give you experience. Worse days give you a lesson.« After four decades in the music industry, African Head Charge are well aware: to lead the way does not necessitate novelty. This lifts a heavy burden off their shoulders. Consequently, it is easy to recommend taking »A Trip To Bolgatanga«.