Various Artists

Ordinary Dreams Vol.2

Planet Trip • 2022

Why make things complicated when they can be simple? The compilation »Ordinary Dreams Vol. 2« from the Sydney-based Planet Trip label delivers twelve tracks somewhere between dub, reggae, dancehall and house to the speakers. Sometimes silly (»Virtual Zoo« by Phuk Hugh), sometimes nightclubby (»Symptoms of Dub« by Symptoms of Love). That’s all it is. But that’s enough. The great takeaway with this album: it’s all friends and sweethearts of the label. Which makes the quality of this record more amazing. Because there is not a single shortcoming to be found. On the contrary: all the tracks share a common mood, which is fed by the reverb and rhythm. Even the »Flute Dub« by Good Block fits in. Despite the flute. In this way, the album presents a nice overview of the label’s connections – but »Ordinary Dreams Vol. 2« can also be understood as a large smorgasbord serving up all kinds of quality fare. Artists like Mogwaa should get more attention. The South Korean stands out with his »Once We Danced«. First, because of the aggressive glockenspiel, second, because of the even slightly better sense of rhythm and melody compared to the other artists on this album. But don’t make it complicated. It remains a good compilation and a good album with lots of potential listening pleasure. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.