Ancient Infinity Orchestra

River Of Light

Gondwana • 2023

The main characteristic of post-postmodern music styles is that once they have emerged, they never disappear again. Everything remains, everything is recycled. Things get interesting when young musicians interpret old music in a contemporary way, like the 14-piece Ancient Infinity Orchestra from Leeds in the north of England, led by bandleader Ozzy Moysey. Their theme is spiritual jazz, which has been celebrating a revival for a few years now, mainly through reissues of records from the late sixties and early seventies.

Thanks to the fluid playing of the two tenor saxophonists, the music on the début album »River Of Light« is constantly in motion. Violin, cello, harp, oboe, flute and the multi-coloured percussion are not mere ornaments, but essential factors that give this jazz the »spiritual« attribute. The Ancient Infinity Orchestra does not operate in a reference-free space either. The album is reminiscent of late-period John Coltrane, whose enigmatic music has moved further and further away from jazz, his wife Alice and Pharoah Sanders, who have continued his legacy. The three are consequently name-dropped in the last track on the album »Pharoah Sings«.