Andrzej Korzyński

OST Diabeł

Finders Keepers • 2023

A brief classification: This soundtrack belongs to the era when horror films and psychedelic rock still wielded knives side by side. Polish director Andrzej Żuławski and composer Andrzej Korzyński, best known for the film »Possession« today, created a dark film in 1972 with »Diabeł«, whose soundtrack became a minor legend – because it could only be obtained in a roundabout way for a significant period of time. Now it has finally been released on LP. Titles like »Your Father Is Dead Young Lord (Be Cursed)« or »Mother Snake« reflect the basic mood, in »Mother« a guitar sometimes bursts out a riff, before »Daughter Of The Sin« flirts a little more with dark ambient and experimental. It’s the range of instruments that Korzyński brings to the table that really etches itself into your mind, the flutes, the off-kilter drums, the completely doped up guitars. Does any of it make sense without the film? Absolutely. Although »Diabeł« may be a bulky composition, it leaves behind a very special feeling of uneasiness. That’s because almost nothing is predictable with these 28 pieces; they are all little traps and thought boxes. And when the marching drums and fanfares of »The Black Dog« sound like a caricature of themselves at the end, it completes the film that this soundtrack itself creates.