Science Fiction Corporation

Science Fiction Dance Party

Finders Keepers • 2022

The unsung heroes of film scoring, of library sounds, of skilful performances for and without purpose – in recent years, some of them have actually finally achieved fame and glory. This record from the poison cabinet of music history will hopefully do what’s needed to bring the congenial duo Horst Ackermann and Heribert Thusek further honours and accolades. While Heribert Thusek died in 1980 and so didn’t have the chance to experience the rediscovery of his great deeds, Horst Ackermann did at least get to share in the hype that shot up around »The Vampires Of Dartmoore – Dracula’s Music Cabinet« 15 years ago. Staged by the Finders Keepers back then, nerds and hip-hop sample-heads, sixties fans and trash-slobs alike were thrilled by the original productions for a horror-delia B-movie. The »Science Fiction Dance Party« finally continues: at least as much of a crazily brilliant, blown-up bar jazz sound and orchestral nonsense hams it up big time here. In between, a stoned flute loses it way in the middle of a story about a dance party in space. Dying robots, a plot to murder Perry Rhodan, horny visitors from Venus and crazy original synthesisers – everything is there. Ackermann, who died in 2015, is now watching this uninhibited adventure from above; with over 250 known and countless undiscovered pieces, we will hopefully be blessed with stumbling come across such pearls countless times again.