Moons Melt Milk Light

Tonal Union • 2023

Brian Allen Simon, better known by his stage name Anenon, creates crystal clear harmonies on his latest album.»Moons Melt Milk Light« is the name of the US musician’s sixth studio album. After »Tongue«, he waited five years. Past albums have expressed Anenon’s vision of contemporary music using the genres jazz, electronic and ambient. He has toured the world, won awards for his musical work and taught at the California College of Art, Music, Dance and Film. Hearing his latest production, the listener is confronted with precise and powerful sound structures. The saxophone gives the record its acoustic character and, together with the soft chords of the piano, creates a meditative jazz symbiosis. Anenon breathes life into his »Moon Melt Milk Light« record in a tender, almost soothing way. The eleven tracks feel like wandering through an avant-garde musical genre where Anenon’s aim is to take a deep breath. The rhythms created by the saxophone, clarinet and piano are slowly layered together, with the field recording adding the finishing touch to the already dreamy soundscapes. Anenon allows the wind and weather to permeate his record, so that a rustling or whispering can be heard on each track—a walk accompanied by music.