Angel Olsen

Big Time

Jagjaguwar • 2022

Angel Olsen has found hope again. After singing about her heartbreak with pompous and impressive drama on her last album »All Mirrors«, she has now risen like a phoenix from the ashes with soulful Americana and affirmative lyrics. And this despite the fact that her last few years were marked by overcoming and mourning. Angel Olsen celebrated coming out as a queer, was finally able to openly reveal her identity to her parents at the age of 34 and shortly afterwards had to mourn the death of both her mother and father. This emotionality can be found on »Big Time« as well as her typical melancholy and heaviness, but the album moves towards and revolves around letting go and self-acceptance. Right at the beginning of the opener »All Of The Good Times« we hear the words: »I can’t say that I’m sorry when I don’t feel so wrong anymore«. Often it sounds as if Olsen’s imposing voice is presented with a triumphant smile on her lips. This pleasant impression is underpinned by a mix of country, soul, blues and folk elements. In some places, such as »Right Now« or »Go Home«, the cool howling synths or distorted strings of the previous album can still be found in a more subtle way. On songs like »Big Time«, in contrast, Olsen sings about her bliss with her partner to guitar sounds that a slide bar transforms into buzzy, warm, drawn-out tones. With cheerfully melodic horns, humming Hammond organ and guitars that stretch out like chewing gum, Angel Olsen affirms herself with every song – uncompromisingly emotional and uncompromisingly queer.