Atlantis Jazz Ensemble

Celestial Suite

Marlow • 2023

With their latest album, Canada’s Atlantis Jazz Ensemble return to the present day, which is all the more special as it’s been seven years since their last release. The album is called »Celestial Suite«, a wonderful name that fits perfectly with the follow-up to their début album ‘Oceanic Suite’, creating a chronological album motif. The tracks on this album are led by the saxophone while the background evolves into a haze of soft drums, piano chords, rattles and bass. It’s hard to believe that the ensemble consists of just five men, given the richness of sound on »Celestial Suite«. The Canadian band’s sound is a harmonious symbiosis of progressive and spiritual jazz, with a hint of funk in every track. This album is a dynamic release of beautiful jazz melodies full of drive and groove—quite the opposite of many jazz albums that run out of steam after a few tracks.