The Three Of Us

Dream Come True

P-Vine • 1971

The name Hilton Felton triggers ecstatic states among rare groove collectors. As a keyboard player, Felton is known for his groovy soul jazz and his sophisticated playing on the Hammond B-3. Before his first solo album, he released »Dream Come True« in 1971 with The Three Of Us, with guitarist David Mendenhall, bassist Joe Harris and drummer Jonathan Setell. Tracks like »Here Comes David« and »Music Shall Never Die« are pure soul-jazz, with the organ and guitar sparring nicely and the colourful percussion creating real groove behemoths. What this music sounds like in the aggro version, with Mendenhall sending his guitar through a distortion box, is demonstrated on »Your Analysis«. And drummer Jonathan Setell croons like Frank Sinatra on the ballad »Maybe You’ll Come Back To Me«. This may sound like a stylistic inconsistency, but it makes perfect sense: Felton’s organ gives the music its inner cohesion. The album, which regularly fetches record prices on the second-hand market, is now being re-released for the first time in over 50 years.