Clifford Jordan

Clifford Jordan In The World

P-Vine • 1972

Clifford Jordan played saxophone with Max Roach and Charles Mingus. He recorded records for Blue Note and Strata-East. And is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished hardbopers of the 20th century. No wonder there isn’t a single photo of him without a tenor trumpet. In 1969, a dozen albums and several European tours into his career, Jordan recorded »Into The World«. For connoisseurs of the genre, the line-up on this record reads like the Champions League final in a jazz cellar: Julian Priester warms up for the later recordings with Hancock. Don Cherry unpacks his pocket trumpet. Wynton Kelly twinkles on the piano keys. Tootie Heath shakes the swing out of his wrist before he joins Hancock too. The 17-minute »Vienna« sounds like a marching band trotting around St Stephen’s Cathedral on three hackney carriages. By the time Ouagoudougou rolls around, however, the horns are blasting off each other so much that not a single mouthpiece is left dry. As originals on Discogs change hands for over 200 euro, »In The World« has been re-released in a new edition on the Japanese label P-Vine. Thirty years after Jordan’s death, that’s a beautiful thing. Or as the boss man used to say, »Together with my friends in the world, the music is my world.«