Bass Clef

Reeling Skullways

Punch Drunk Records • 2012

What happens when people start producing music just because they’re a fan? A revival is what happens. People tend to imitate their favorite music or the tunes that influenced them most when they were younger. Rock has been functioning like this for more than 40 years. Since every Tom, Dick and Harry get their music-software delivered with their discount-computers, it’s now happening in electronic music, too. After the limiting, creative phase, the revival is the natural next thing to happen – and that’s not even a bad thing per se. Because then is the time to differentiate between the mediocre black-and-white-copiers and the actually skillful ones. The first create somewhat shallow copies or (in the best cases) immature DIY-Mashups, because they want to stay up-to-date. The latter make perfect flashbacks come into being, which sound even bigger than the original, because the technical equipment and the rhethorics have improved and because craftsmen have understood exactly that and see all faults and possibilities that have come with the development. Hence, on Bass Clefs fifths album, acid lines, 808 claps and IDM-snyth-worlds are greeting the listener at the doorstep. And in the middle of it all, the producer from Britain demonstrates an incredible calmness. Sometimes it takes him several minutes to finally create a moment of epiphany that makes the earth glow. »Reeling Sideways« is a good proof for the fact that it takes skills in order to make creative ideas strike with the biggest possible impact and make them endure.