Dross Glopp

Warp • 2012

The Battles-album »Gloss Drop« was released 2011 with an arty, bright-pink mountain of trash on the cover. It turned into a colourful »Glop« on the Remix-album. Literally, stray dogs from every village added something to the heap and it all combines to a nice, fresh mass. And there’s pink everywhere. The 12 tracks are manned with the Remix-Elite: Friends and Label-Colleagues like Gui Boratto, The Alchemist, Axel Willner (aka The Field), Gang Gang Dance or Hudson Mohawke make for a diversity from Hip Hop and Garage to Dub and Techno. Sometimes, the versions stick close to the already great originals, sometimes, though, they’re inspiring new interpretations. The night starts laid-back with some Hip-Hop-Beats (»Futura«, Alchemist / »White Electric«, Shabbaz Palace) and turns into increasing energy towards an ongoing party until dusk: »Africastle« is tuned up to a hammering Dubstep-track by Kode9; we’re still bouncing as Silent Servantsche’s interpretation of »Inch-Worm« pushes us into a cold, technoid engine room. Stroboscope and twiching bodies included: »We wanted something that will sound like a religious epiphany at 9 am in Berghain.« (Battles). And while »Gloss Drop« is moving through atmospheres and styles, it moves through space and time – though not chronologically – of a night out dancing.