Marnie Stern

The Comeback Kid

Joyful Noise • 2023

Marnie Stern is a rock star. The glossy magazines have plumbed the depths of this in detail. So when you’re a rock star, which Marnie Stern is, you have to wear sunglasses for backseat interviews and everywhere else. At least that’s the way it used to be. Nowadays, if you haven’t released a new album in the last decade, people quickly see you as a fading rock star who’s had two kids and has done some late-night TV shows in between. But the Internet hasn’t forgotten you. It still says: »Best female guitarist of all time«, awarded by Venus magazine, which is famous when it comes to women, guitars and time. And because Marnie Stern sometimes checks her Wikipedia page late at night, her ambition gets the better of her: a new record is needed, with the old sound that the glossy mags loved at the time, like that well-know rag the New York Times. So Marnie Stern forgets her kids and late-night TV shows and makes a record, a real rock and roll record. It’s called »The Comeback Kid« and it’s not a nostalgia trip—Marnie Stern says that as a precaution, because her fans have aged ten years with her. Those who were there may have already forgotten. Or be really happy that some things never change.