Binary Operator - Colliding Network EP

Binary Operator

Colliding Network EP

Unknown To the Unknown • 2022

Sounds like the name of a – relatively – new artist at first. Instead, it’s just a new pseudonym from Offenbach-based producer Matthias Schildger alias Matt Starr alias Star_dub alias YamYam, to name just a few of his projects. The Binary Operator certainly knows his ones and noughts though: he relentlessly gets his command lines to make his machines fabricate electric funk, with stuttering drum machines, bubbling and beeping synthesisers and those important little melodies on the side to keep the operating system running nice and round. An electro EP like a small concept album with a suite from the IT world that discovers a new sound with every new step, from a slow warming up with »System Booting« with its soft layers of chords to the almost cheerfully lurching »Data Crash« to the final recommendation »Dial Your Operator«, relevant sample included. No reinvention of the – coded – wheel here, and an update is not likely to be necessary very soon in this case anyway. (A tiny teaser by-the-by: computers are not all binary: although not commercially available, ternary computers can be found as well. But that’s another story).