Casual & J. Rawls

Respect Game Or Expect Flames

Nature Sounds • 2012

Previous to this record, J. Rawls had announced that he would have to change his very own jazz-style for this collab, because Casual’s hardcore rap-style would be calling for an edgy sound – and yes, when listening to »Respect Game or Expect Flames«, one could be afraid that the Hieroglyphics-singer (who has already released seven solo-records) would just flatten J. Rawls’ beats. But J. Rawls together with a wide range of guest musicians manage to infect Casual with quite a bit of funk, while still not maligning his battly-modus-style. With skillful restraint but clear rigidity, J. Rawls places his beats and uses especially the collabs witht Alana Reign and Rene Dillon for intrepid expeditions into soul. It’s especially those tracks which stick thanks to their contrast – especially, since Casual raps with a slight ignorance over the filigree voices and organs. Between all that, something like groove comes into being. It wants to be at the front, it wants to battle. But Casual has hardly ever before shot from the hip as nonchalantly as in »Find the Remix« or »Fly«.