Children’s Hour

Going Home

Sea Note • 2024

The search took only twenty-one years. But all the same: After their début »SOS JFK« in 2003, the earth swallowed up The Children’s Hour. Now, at the beginning of 2024, Josephine Foster, Andrew Bar and David Pajo are back with a vengeance. The LP »Going Home« can be seen as a musical message in a bottle. During their North American tour with Zwan in 2003, they found themselves in the studio with Paul Oldham, with whom they recorded the material for »Going Home«. Shortly afterwards the group split up and went their separate ways. But a year ago, Oldham is said to have found the songs recorded at that time. A case for MythBusters perhaps! As if a long-forgotten cousin from the beginning of the millennium were telling stories: psychedelic and funky, melancholic and sensitive, Children’s Hour sing of a past that manifests itself in the present and yet doesn’t quite fit in. Nostalgia reigns supreme. Josephine Foster’s voice sinks into the guitar strings, patting them comfortingly on the back: Everything will be all right. Goose bumps guaranteed, straight from the time machine!