I’m Cindy

World Of Paint • 2020

The world first heard of Cindy Savalas five years ago. The name was chosen as the track title of the longest and most elaborate of the 14 tunes on Kai Hugo’s self-titled album »Palmbomen II«. Then Hugo experienced what happened to many authors before him: the fictional character he had conceived became independent. In 2017, also on Tim Sweeney’s label Beats In Space, the 12-inch trilogy »Memories Of Cindy« was followed by an exploration of Cindy’s hometown Carmel Vista. With »I’m Cindy« Hugo now presents the »lost« debut album of his fictional character. The longplayer with the autobiographical title is a stroke of luck in several respects: On the one hand, Palmbomen II is one of the most interesting producers of the present day with releases on renowned leftfield imprints such as Beats In Space, Dekmantel, Pinkman and 1080p. In addition, the Dutchman has experienced a congenial addition to a creative tandem in the form of the US actress, director and singer Blue LoLãn, who breathes life into his fiction with ethereal vocals often enough reminiscent of Julee Cruise. And so the 13 songs on »I’m Cindy« sound throughout like a score for a »Twin Peaks« remake – a nostalgic, decidedly coherent journey into a fictional past in which pop, indie and dancefloor are no contradiction, the Shoegaze sound of bands like the Cocteau Twins or Slowdive meets the synthetic soundscapes of the wavy part of the Italo-Disco spectrum. Synth pop instant hits like »2Y & 6M«, »Cousin’s Birthday Party«, »Justin« or »Never Let Me Go« stand next to ballads like »My Mother«, »Boyfriend«, »New Power« or »Mary«, in between there are suggestive interludes like »Seaview Parking« or the incredibly touching »Voice Message«. On the other hand, there are absolutely no breakdowns to be recorded. Hugo’s trick of making a female figure the projection screen for his emotions and moods paradoxically gives him the freedom to express himself without any disguise: The contrast between the catchy melodies, Blue LoLán’s whispering, suggestive timbre and Hugo’s LoFi aesthetic makes this album simply irresistible. One of the most fascinating records of this year, which has turned out so differently than expected, an intimately shimmering masterpiece in times of pandemic.

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I'm Cindy
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