Conrad Schnitzler

Filmmusik 2

Bureau B • 2017

Bureau B continues the series of Conrad Schnitzler’s previously unreleased film scores, this time with somewhat fewer unanswered questions than with »Filmmusik 1«. For example, we now know that the music dates entirely from 1975. Except for an additional recording from 1978, the 23-minute »Lichtpunkte und schwarze Zeichen«, which Schnitzler wrote for a film that is also available for viewing on the Internet. The pieces collected on »Filmmusik 2« once again very nicely illustrate Schnitzler’s composing box method, in which he used prefabricated tapes as construction elements, individual tracks that he superimposed in changing constellations – a procedure that functioned as a kind of permanent remix. Or simply as recycling, which composers from earlier centuries are also known for. Nothing scurrilous, therefore. And Schnitzler certainly creates atmosphere with his pared-down, repetitive pieces. »Lichtpunkte…« is somewhat reminiscent – not just because of its length – of »Zug«, which is built on a similarly gyrating ostinato rhythm. A majestic climax and another indication that there are further pleasant surprises waiting to be unearthed in Schnitzler’s archive.