Conrad Schnitzler

Kollektion 5 (compiled by Thomas Fehlmann)

Bureau B • 2015

This is by far the most rigorous collection in this still young series. Thomas Fehlmann has remixed his fellow musician Conrad Schnitzler for the Bureau B label and in doing so paid him a conceptually rigorous tribute: from Schnitzler’s somewhat rampant output, Thomas Fehlmann has limited himself to a small selection of albums and exclusively used pieces from Conrad Schnitzler’s CON series: »Consequenz«, »Con 3«, »Conrad & Sohn«, »Contempora« and »Congratulacion« being the albums he has drawn on. To describe the music from this phase – most of the albums were released in 1981 – as New Wave would not do it justice, but it shares many similarities with the sounds Thomas Fehlmann was working with at Palais Schaumburg at the time: the monotonously chugging drum computers, crudely buzzing or metallically honed synthesisers. This collection can thus also be understood as a gesture of solidarity – an encounter with Schnitzler was an important inspiration for Fehlmann at the time to get more closely involved with electronic sounds. Their more abstract manifestations are also taken into account. A conceivable approach to Schnitzler. And not the worst, either.