Coral Morphologic & Nick Leon

Projections Of A Coral City

Balmat • 2024

Coral reef systems are beautiful but under threat. Such delicate beauty is celebrated in shimmering ambient variations by the duo Coral Morphologic, supported by producer Nick Léon, on their joint mini-album »Projections of a Coral City«. Coral Morphologic, consisting of marine biologist Colin Foord and musician J.D. McKay, have been working for several years with various art projects in Miami. Nick Léon, for example, has just released a bouncy track in the style of Latin tribal techno called »Xtasis«. Meanwhile, fellow artists like DJ Python have been working on reggaeton. There’s nothing to dance to on »Projections of a Coral City«, but everything flows and changes. Instead of the usual celestial cloud of strings, the trio prefer a softer sound, sometimes mixed with underwater sounds, and let the music flow calmly from one track to the next. The album is over half an hour long, but it still feels like a single piece of music. Each track has its own character, with different sounds flowing in and out. Even strings are added at the end, deep synthetic cellos that seem to gently sweep the seabed. It all fits together really well.