Cousin Kula

Vitamin D

Rhythm Section International • 2024

Despite being hailed as »one to watch« by The Guardian, Cousin Kula have largely flown under the radar. However, three years on from their début album, the Bristol band have delivered a true balm for the soul with »Vitamin D«. The sun comes out from the first chords. Bouncing basslines and a dominant flute bid farewell to the dark season and look forward to summer with optimism and joie de vivre. It’s no coincidence that »Clothes Off« was written on a hot July day and released on Valentine’s Day this year. It’s about unbearable temperatures and layers of fabric falling off your body—Nelly’s »Hot in Herre«, if you will, but in a nu-jazz version. 

With the groovy energy of Parcels and a lead voice à la Connan Mockasin, the band wakes up from its winter hibernation compared to its previous album »Double Dinners«, but remains true to its sexy undertone and overall smoothness. Every instrument imaginable is used, along with harmonious backing vocals and a breathy baritone voice. A feel-good album that celebrates love and being in love. When Clothes Off makes you feel poisoned with happiness and The Sun leaves its softest touch on your skin, then it’s clear: Summer’s comin bébé! A record that may not help with the winter blues, but makes you long for carefree times and knocks on your door at just the right time.