Total Sellout

Uncanny Valley • 2014

Saxony’s most wanted and blunted is having a »Total Sellout«. What’s on sale is formerly free download-material, but it’s freshly pressed on vinyl and tape, so that even notorious nostalgics can listen to this killer compilation. Between 2006 and 2001, not much further than a stone’s throw from Los Angeles, i.e. in Dresden, Germany, Robert Arnold sampled together 51 tracks, spread them across two LPs and an EP (but only digitally) and tantalized his fan base, which was desperate for an actual release, for a little longer. Uncanny Valley, Robert Arnold’s home-label since 2011, finally showed some mercy and selected 18 tracks and turned them into a record. Hip hop, house, dub, sometimes with, sometimes without ›step‹. And basically all their intersections and opposites – that’s what Cuthead presents here with an almost shameless nonchalance. It’s a multicolored MPC-hotchpotch, in which you can find first-class and well-hung homages to Madlib. »All Night Long« can be seen as a declaration of war to Moodymann, the eternal keeper of the deepest cool. He’s skillfully pulling out all the stops. It’s absolutely irrelevant whether all these tracks were to be found all over the internet years ago, especially when finding such a perfect ending, such pure and true boldness. Because Cuthead, the slicky sleazer, even hands us the review for the record. Out of a sudden, you hear a radio broadcaster blabbering something about this »Mords-Oschi« of an LP. Whatever that might mean, it’s absolutely true. »Total Sellout« is as round and juicy as a glossy glazed donut. You just want to dig your teeth into it, chew it and never become full. And where the hell is the Doomhead/Cutvillain-LP that we’re all waiting for?