Dali Muru & the Polyphonic Swarm

Murmer Of The Bath Spirits

STROOM 〰 • 2023

»Murmur of the Bath Spirits« is a surreal auditory picture book that can be read in a number of different ways: Dali Murr & The Polyphonic Swarm, aka Dalia Neis and Enir Da, tell the story of the underground Ottoman bathing culture in Budapest between futuristic bathing sounds and animated philosophical wisdom. The dream-like narrative journeys from an LP to Delia Nei’s forthcoming book »The Swarm« and an NTS radio station all the way to this so-called audiobook. In fact, Side A and B of »The Murmur of the Bath Spirits« retain more the character of a whimsical odyssey through the subconscious, just about captivating enough to make you listen, yet subtle enough for you to slip into the tub for a meditative power nap with the »Bath Spirits« in the background. Delia Neis’ voice leads us metaphysically between Derrida and plunge pools through the corridors of the bathhouse. Its oscillating between solipsism and spirit awakening skirts the borders of mild madness. »This film was intended to be screened in Technicolor«, says Neis at the beginning of Side A – and perhaps »Murmur of the Bath Spirits« is just that: the potential space between music, history and ontology in Technicolor.