Dina Ögon


Playground • 2024

»Dina Ögon« is Swedish and means »your eyes«. Musically, the quartet of the same name gives this phrase a very unique meaning. Dina Ögon move between indie rock and soul, but their songs also contain elements of jazz and folk. For all their musical diversity, it is the powdery balladry of their melodies that Dina Ögon touch on in every production, which lend unity to their genre palette. The four-top continue in the same vein with their latest album »Orion«, which heralds the arrival of summer with its groovy melodies. The tracks are all characterised by a certain warmth, created by singer Anna Ahnlund’s voice at the front, and supported by a sonic richness of well-tempered pop elements. The Swedish lyrics are difficult to sing along to, but do make you instinctively want to hum along to them. So it’s songs like »Firad« and »Mellen de sju fjällen«, with their retro feel, that make you feel like you’ve been there before. They both sound familiar yet nostalgic at the same time. It remains unclear what it is that Dina Ögon are longing for on their third album. All the more clear is their penchant for pop, already hinted at in their previous releases and now unfolding in full force on »Orion«. Pop without radio ambitions, but with a longing for the Swedish summer.