DJ Overdose

Powers of Ten EP

Dalmata Daniel • 2022

With »Garden Of Lust« DJ Overdose introduces his new EP »Powers Of Ten«, which evokes an eerie mood with its driving bass and quiet, irregular sci-fi-like background sounds. The desire described in the title begins with a slight tingling under the skin and quickly spreads through your entire body as the music continues. Six years after his EP »05 Poly 800 Loop« released on Dalmata Daniel, the Dutch musician now returns to the Hungarian record label with four tracks including two bonus tracks.  80s vibes are sprayed around in »Feed The Beats«, which could just as well illustrate an enemy being stalked in a crime film with the suspense-building melody and hammer-like sounds. With comical effects, rhythmic glitches and a robot voice that sings »Drive me crazy« over and over again, you literally wait for irregularities and unexpected sonic changes in the eponymous track. The bizarre melodies literally demand extravagant and outlandish dancing. »Room 714«, one of the two bonus tracks only available in vinyl format, however, can hardly be surpassed in its absurdity and grotesqueness. The almost comical vocals suck us right into the eye of the whirlwind and before we can comprehend what is happening, the world around us seems already forgotten.