Eric Ghost

Secret Sauce

Jazz Room • 1975

Let’s look at jazz flautists and their influence on the genre more closely. I mean Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson, Yusef Lateef, Hermeto Pascoal, Bobbi Humphrey, and Nicole Mitchell whose music already possessed innovative power. Jazz Room Records is now bringing another flautist to the tableau: Eric Ghost. Never heard of him before. Common name: Richard Barth Sanders. A friend of Jeremy Steig, another great jazz flautist. In 1974 (»Ghost Plays For Mr. S.«) and 1975 (»Secret Sauce«), he recorded two records and had them pressed privately. Both records are much sought after, with »Secret Sauce« now being re-released for the first time. The music reminds me of Lloyd McNeill more than anything else (main instrument also the flute), a bit spiritual, a bit funky. Listening requires a modicum of concentration, but an engaging groove throughout holds the compositions together. Lincoln Goines on bass and Jim McGillveray on drums did all the work. Eric Ghost would probably be a bigger name today if he hadn’t been jailed for seven years shortly after recording »Secret Sauce«. He was making LSD. What’s more. Apparently he invented(!) the blotter method, which uses absorbent paper as a carrier for highly potent carriers. So he is by no means a blank sheet in the history of synthetic drugs. (Should I have written blotting paper?)