Fabiano Do Nascimento


Now-Again • 2023

This time finally with classic ambitions: For his latest album, »Lendas«, the US-based Brazilian-born guitarist Fabiano Do Nascimento has enlisted the support of Brazilian composer Vittor Santos’ orchestra and, to top things off, Tropicália fusion legend Arthur Verocai and his string quartet as well. Wild outbursts of temperament or sharp-edged syncopation are not Do Nascimento’s thing, unobtrusively elegant melodies with suitably hidden complexity in the rhythms all the more so. On his album »Preludio« with drummer Ricardo »Tiki« Pasillas, for example, he convincingly demonstrated that he doesn’t need a whole lot of support to achieve his ambitions. That he is just as good when working with larger ensembles, on the other hand, can be heard no less impressively on his record »Rio Bonito« with the Itiberê Zwarg Collective from last year. Now he works with even more musicians but at the same time everything is also more subliminal. Whether you find the result retro-nostalgic or simply generally successful all-round probably depends on how much you can resist the refined charm of »Lendas«. The more you hear it, the more difficult it could become.