Now-Again Records

Now-Again is a Los Angeles-based record label, founded in 2002 by Eothen Alapatt (Egon) and specializing in re-issues and rarities. It is a sub label of Stones Throw Records. Eothen Alapatt had been taking care of re-issues at Stones Throw Records while he was working as an A&R there. In 2001 Manak (Peanut Butter Wolf) and Madlib of Stones Throw took a break from work, so that there were only Alapatt’s re-issues to be released during that period. But as they didn’t want Stones Throw to be seen as a label for re-issues only, Alapatt founded the sub label Now-Again. The sub label Soul-Cal was founded during that period due to similar reasons. But actually Now-Again is not releasing re-issues only. Already the first release by the Fabulous Souls and the Ebony Rhythm Band was not a re-release. Over the years bands including The Heliocentrics, Breakestra, Conny Price & the Keystones or The Whitefield Brothers found a home on Now-Again. Discovering new artists is as important for the label as rediscovering »forgotten« music from all over the world.