RSD Black Friday 2019 – 12 Vinyl records to look out for

We’ve browsed through this year’s list of exclusive Record Store Day Black Friday 2019 releases and put together a selection of twelve Vinyl records that we’ve identified as possible highlights.
Agnes Obel
Island Of Doom Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Blue Note • 2019 • from 13.99€
Welcome to the downfall: The Danish artist Agnes Obel sends a trembling masterpiece in anticipation of her fourth album »Myopia« with the single »Island Of Doom «. The loneliness stretches her fingers after every note of the song, in addition Agnes Obel alienates her voice once more so that the cold drives through your veins. An existentialist monster settles here on a simple piano melody. Darkness didn’t sound as convincing, crystalline and beautiful as here for a long time. Björn Bischoff

Albert Hammond, Jr.
Off Cycle Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Red Bull • 2019 • from 16.99€
People asked for a new The Strokes record – and get a retro overdose. For the video of “Fast Times” guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. unpacks the old VHS recorder, lets some choppers roar over the Sunset Boulevard of Los Angeles and gambles all his money at the Pacman machine in the disco. The guitars don’t care. They sound like they did at the awesome festival gig of 2005 anyway. If there’s anything from The Strokes next year, we’ve warned you. Christoph Benkeser

Albert Hammond, Jr.
Off Cycle Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Red Bull • 2019 • from 16.99€
Shabaka Hutchings shoots European jazz into the future – with bands like Sons of Kemet, Shabaka and the Ancestors or The Comet Is Coming, the saxophonist waves towards Saturn, flies over lotus flowers and hangs off the British avant-garde with arpeggios from the modular kit. The first Comet roared past the earth in March and pulled an album of the year trail behind it. Now with »Afterlife« a smaller chunk crashes into the front garden. Nevertheless: If you could meander through space with the first record, you should also claw this EP. Christoph Benkeser

Albert Hammond, Jr.
Off Cycle Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Red Bull • 2019 • from 16.99€
»Beauty and the Beat« – if you don’t read it carefully, you think of Walt Disney, although it’s the title of Edan’s second album. You don’t just have to take a close look, you also have to listen carefully. Because it depends on the details. »Beauty and the Beat« sprays with details and joy of playing – and lets the love for music ring through in every beat. The producer, turntablist and MC has raised the bar for progressive beat-maceration enormously here – and with »Beauty and the Beat« has created a psychedelic jazz rock’n’roller coaster, an unconventional end-to-end burner in musical wildstyle mode. The Black Friday Edition brings the release back on vinyl for the first time since 2005. In a limited edition of 1,500 copies worldwide. Christian Neubert

Herbie Hancock
Directstep Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Get On Down • 1979 • from 32.99€
Lovers of cuddly soul jazz may sigh with relief: Herbie Hancock’s EP “Directstep”, released in January 1979 as one of the earliest CD pressings in history only in Japan, will finally be re-issued on vinyl just in time for #RSDBF2019. 40 years ago, this jewel, mastered directly on acetate discs using the brand-new direct-to-disc process, was only sent as a promocopy, but now all ordinary mortals can also enjoy the 15-minute vocoder ride “I Thought It Was You”. With Lyricon, a saxophone-synth hybrid, and the Prophet-5, “Butterfly” as well as “Shiftless Shuffle” also live up to the cult status of “Directstep” – even in a discography as strong as Hancock’s one with over 300 releases. Nils Schlechtriemen

The JB's
More Mess On My Thing Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Now-Again • 2019 • from 30.99€
**In 1969, the then 18-year-old Bootsy Collins titled an application demo of his band “More Mess On My Thing” and sent it to James Brown. The latter was so taken with it that he made the musicians into his accompanying band The JBs without further ado and with them was to have a decisive influence on the course of popular music in the years to come. The album will now be released for the first time ever on Now-Again on the occasion of #RSDBF2019, including previously unreleased songs and photos. Andreas Brüning

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Coconut Oil Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Atlantic • 2019 • from 27.99€
2019 was the year of Lizzo. With “Cuz I Love You” just snooped into Barack Obama’s summer playlist, the body positivity queen climbed up the billboard charts. Living in Mac&Cheese’s car was yesterday, today Lizzo checks out Cardi B’s Glizzer Glamour Life and sips only the finest bubbles. What was that like in the past? You can hear it on their EP “Coconut Oil” from 2016. An ode to everything that makes life horny next to Bircher muesli and head massages. Christoph Benkeser

Stillmatic Remastered Silver Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Get On Down • 2001 • from 35.99€
It is said Nas doesn’t need Best Of LPs because his best songs are all on his debut album “Illmatic”. However, there is agreement that he succeeded in continuing old qualities with “Stillmatic”. In 2001, with his fifth album, Nas returned from his long excursion into the pop world back to the streets to assert himself in the media-effective Beef with Jay Z. German Rap journal Juice once gave 5 crowns for it, as it did for “Illmatic”. The Black Friday Editon brings “Stillmatic” back on vinyl for the first time – remastered as Vinyl 2LP on silver vinyl. Christian Neubert

Naughty By Nature
Poverty's Paradise 25th Anniversary Edition
Tommy Boy • 1996 • from 29.99€
Awarded with the first award in the category Best Rap Album at the Grammys 1996, “Poverty’s Paradise” is one of those hip-hop jewels that every conceivable hype simply doesn’t do justice to. (It’s meant in a positive way.) Vinnie Brown, Anthony Shawn Criss and Kier Gist let the sound of the East Coast maturieren here like otherwise perhaps only the Wu-Tang Clan and built sovereign samples with a flow, which all wanted to imitate afterwards. Naughty By Natures third album marked the peak of the trio and in retrospect can take on pretty much every classic on the East Coast – so it’s high time to put it on vinyl for the first time.Nils Schlechtriemen

Pearl Jam
MTV Unplugged, March 16, 1992 Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Epic • 2019 • from 15.99€
Only one year after the release of their debut album »Ten«, Pearl Jam had the honour to record an unamplified concert for the then still young series of the music station. Recorded in the legendary Kaufmann Astoria Studios, where Mariah Carey also recorded her unplugged session, filmed Sesam Street and stars like Bill Cosby, Diana Ross or Frank Sinatra worked, the concert of Seattle legends for the RSD is now released for the first time on vinyl. The setlist includes hits such as »Alive«, »Jeremy«, »Even Flow« and »Black« and the classic »State Of Love And Trust«, which until now has only been included on the soundtrack to the film Singles, Deluxe Edition of their debut. Kevin Goonewardena

Rockabye Baby!
Lullaby Renditions Of Snoop Dogg Black Friday Record Store Day 2019 Edition
Cmh Label Group • 2019 • from 22.99€
To conjure up minimalist lullabies from the most solid tracks of the prototype explicit gangster rap of a Snoop Dogg? Sounds like an idea that Doggy himself would throw around giggling after the seventh Blunt. But the result really does justice to the title, is reassuring all around and as delicate as Nivea cream on premature butt. Even tracks á la “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head” and of course the purely melodically predestined “Sensual Seduction” sound surprisingly magical with xylophone and thrifty synths in these child-friendly versions. Nils Schlechtriemen

Vince Guaraldi
3" Record A Charlie Brown Christmas Blind Box Record Store Day Black Friday 2019 Edition
Sun • 2019 • from 11.99€
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the name of the soundtrack by Vince Guaraldi to the CBS TV special of the same name, first released in 1965. It is one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time and was voted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame. On the occasion of #RSDBF2019 Varese Sarabande releases a Blind Boxset which can be played on the RSD3-Mini-Turntable with one of the four possible original songs “Christmas Time is Here (Vocal)”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “Linus and Lucy” and “Skating” on Vinyl 3″. Andreas Brüning

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