Whitefield Brothers


Now Again • 2011

Imagine Antibalas, El Michels Affair, Quantic and the Dap-Kings meeting the Poets of Rhythm for a Raw-Soul Jam Session – while Percee P and Mr. Lif rap on top of the outcome. Those who still can’t see it, should imagine well-known indie-rappers dropping lines on top of DJ Shadow-beats with Mulatu Astatke improvising to it. That’s basically what »Earthology« by the Whitefield Brothers sounds like. The Whitefield Brothers are Jan and Max Weißenfeldt, founders of the Poets of Rhythm from Munich. Inspired by the worldmusic formation Embryo, the brothers followed up with Southeast-Asian, African, Central-American and Oriental music over the last 15 years in order to create their very own global interpretation of soul-music. With »Earthology«, the brothers from Munich want to pick up the work they started with their debut »In the Raw« in 1993. Back then, they were about ten years ahead of the current soul-revival. Now, »Earthology« has everything that’s needed in order to reach a similar status within in the next ten years as the Poets of Rhythm’s debut, which was temporarily out of stock.