The band planet The Heliocentrics lands in Berlin for one gig


Categorising The Heliocentrics is traditionally an art/sport. You have to create insane genre hybrids to describe their sound – or list them all individually: Jazz, boom-bap, afro… let’s not go there. Superlatives help: The Heliocentrics is one of the best bands in the world, and this assessment comes with Madlib stamp of approval. On February 27, 2024, the band around drummer Malcolm Catto will perform at Berlin’s Gretchen.

Everything centres around this band

The Heliocentrics have been releasing albums since 2007. Their works have been released on major labels such as Now-Again, Soundway and Strut, as well as on Madlib Invazions as mentioned above. Her sound wears Sun-Ra as an icon around her neck and has her feet sometimes in disco and sometimes in the Bronx. Their performances are an extension: so much music in just one band.

The Heliocentrics In Concert
26Feb 2024
Berlin • Gretchen
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