Farben (Jan Jelinek)


Faitiche • 2002

An inconspicuous beat sets in. A synth pushes itself over a sparse rhythm. As is familiar with Jan Jelinek. With »Textstar+«, the music producer is releasing four EPs in the form of a double album. These have already been released between 1999 and 2002 under the pseudonym Farben. However, the tracks have been re-mastered prior to the new release. The tracks sound more tangible than anything on Jelinek’s popular album »Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records«. In »Farben Says So Much Love« there is even a vocal sample whispering in the background. A reduced version of house, not really for the dance floor, though. Rather, »Textstar+« works like an abstract painting. The audience has to bring something to the table themselves. »Silicone« twitches nervously. The listener comes across several moments like this on the compilation: things that only emerge slowly, that challenge and strain, but that also take your brain apart and put it back together again, always unnoticed. This is because »Textstar+« can be listened to while you are doing something else, but with every second settles more and more into the flow of an album, of a complete work of art. You have to open yourself up to it. »Textstar+« wears minimalism on its sleeve. When it intensifies, as in »Suntouch Edit«, when contours become clearer, when a contrast emerges – a track like this could never carry this compilation home alone. Everything fits together perfectly. An album to get carried away with. Wherever you are.