Werkdiscs • 2014

The Moiré-effect is a visual phenomenon, which is typically created when a rough grid and a fine grid are overlaid at an angle, making new forms visible. Lately, electronic music has also tended to cross different layers of sound, giving the tracks a certain denseness. Therefore, many recent productions have tried to compact their sound-aesthetics with the help of tape-noise, the crackling of vinyl or analogue recording methods. The nerds of the scene are calling the outcome Outside House, pop-theorists are talking of hauntology, referring to the French-Algerian philosopher Jacques Derrida. The producer Moiré, who released a few EPs on labels like Rush Hour or Ninja Tune and of whom the actual name is unknown, proved his feel for zeitgeist when choosing his alias. Now, he’s delivering the fitting soundtrack.
Moirés music is foggy, narcotic and muffled. Hence, Moiré‘s highspeed-hauntology is a perfect fit for Actress‘ Werkdisc-label, having tended to dirty sounds ever since it was founded. However, there are true and seething killer-tracks amongst the streaky sounds, jumping back and forth between house and techno, electro and Balearic in an unexpectedly jolly manner. With »Shelter«, Moiré’s is delivering an impressive debut, which doesn’t only satisfy the zeitgeist need for a ghostly kind of aesthetics, but which also brings us deep tunes for the dancefloor, where people tend to wear semitransparent dresses nowadays. Hence, we’re all in for Moiré-effects in the strobe light.