Mathew Jonson

Typerope 12"

Itiswhatitis • 2013

Ten years ago, when I was in my first semester and almost didn’t have any money for buying vinyls, Mathew Jonson kept me alive via Soulseek-Download. He was the first to be ballsy enough to stand up against the techno-canon, which since 2002 had gloated all over itself with its same old minimal loops. It’s not like it was his plan to do so but his music still spoke its very own language. Take »Typerope« as an example: at the beginning, it coquets in a similar style, but then the voluminously charged synth-melodies capture the whole room and send the listener on a strange journey of almost nine minutes of playing time – no matter if you’re at home or in the club. Once upon a time, there used to be minimal. Now it was the time of Mathew Jonson, who really wasn’t much into it. When listening to »Typerope« today while it’s completely out of context, when listening really carefully, you’ll hear the genius dripping through the beats: It’s a well-charged arrangement of multiple hi-hats, of layers and layers of synthesizers, basses and sub-basses, you name it. And yet, it echoed from the speakers in such a delicate manner that there was an immediate consensus to be found. It was pure alchemy, it was – to quote the no less exciting b-side – »Magic through Music«. But it was also a signal: Buy the damn vinyl or you’ll have to wait (yet another) ten years for the re-release.