Faye Webster

Underdressed At The Symphony

Secretly Canadian • 2024

YOU WON, bright letters on my smartphone confirm; despite my limping technique in the online game »Singsongorama«, I hit most of the notes in Faye Webster’s latest single »Lego Ring« (yay). The song is probably the biggest surprise on her album »Underdressed At The Symphony«. It features the electronically distorted voice of Webster’s former classmate and now multiple Grammy nominee Lil Yachty. Autotune meets folk—an unusual combination that skilfully blends Webster’s musical influences. Little of her original country sound remains in 2024, but the Atlanta-born granddaughter of a bluegrass musician seems more established than ever in her stylistic mix. 

The fact that her songs are going viral on TikTok doesn’t interest the passionate yo-yo fan in the least. But with her unflappable and humorous way of dealing with life’s adversities, she definitely touches a nerve. It doesn’t have to be profound, it’s enough to covet that plastic ring or analyse your own eBay order history. With lush orchestration and introspective lyrics, Faye Webster follows up her last EP »Car Therapy Sessions«, the theatricality of which is toned down this time with warm pedal steel guitars and melodic breaks. If you’re like the musician, a visit to the symphony will help you get over a difficult period in your life or feel safe in your anonymity. If you prefer something more casual and intimate, the new album is highly recommended.