Global Goon


Central Processing Unit • 2023

The Sheffield label Central Processing Unit is home to a number of young artists inspired by the programmed heroics of the past. In most cases, the nineties can be recognized as their role model. For British producer Jonathan Taylor, aka Global Goon, things are a little bit different, because he was already part of the game back in the day and has been releasing on the Rephlex label since 1996. Acid, electro and the free mixing of these elements, known as IDM, are now his musical home. Not only does he feel at home there, but he also feels so at ease that he playfully manoeuvres his way through the leftovers of the genres, taps them for usable components and assembles them in such a way that they sound familiar, but not hackneyed. And as if to prevent his rhythmic dryness from being mistaken for stiff seriousness, he sometimes even indulges in childish silliness. On »Snapterisk« he sounds like a one-man electronic funk band, with cheesy two-part melodies in the form of an imitated horn section and a flurry of computer drum breaks. You might find this nostalgic, but that makes only limited sense in case of Global Goon. On »Nanoclusters« he has instead remained true to himself in his own way. And in doing so, he also stays true to what Central Processing Unit stands for.