Hardy’s Jet Band / Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff / Jan Troysen Band / Orchestra Gary Pacific

Blue Butterfly

Be With • 1971

For some years now, Be With Records has been releasing obscure library music records from the 70s. Initially, the British label KPM Music was the focus of the release policy, but since last year it has been the records from the Selected Sound label founded by Klaus Netzel in Hamburg at the end of the 60s. »Radio Television Film Advertising Backgrounds« is written in the top left-hand corner of the covers, which always have a consistent design, hence indicating the functionality of the music. In 1971 »Blue Butterfly«, a compilation of music by projects that called themselves Hardy’s Jet Band, Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff, Jan Troysen Band and Orchestra Gary Pacific appeared on the label that concealed individuals like Hartmut Kiesewetter, Klaus Wuesthoff, Hans-Martin Majekwsi and Wolfram Brunke. That fits, because the music aspires to show more semblance than reality. It is a type of music that glides light as a feather between big beat, jazz, rock, even bossa nova and western, and all too easily seeps into shallow waters. The fact that the depth here is so grandiosely low makes the whole thing entertaining. At the same time, this often parodic music contains beautiful grooves.