Klaus Weiss Rhythm And Sounds

Sound Inventions (Selected Sound)

Be With • 2022

The busy drummer Klaus Weiss was an innovative musician. At the beginning of his career in the sixties, he played with Klaus Doldinger, even before the latter became a national treasure with his »Tatort« theme music. Weiss also worked with the Austrian pianist Friedrich Gulda. Among his own projects, the professional drum group Niagara from the early seventies was successful. By the end of the decade, he had also discovered library music, releasing records under names such as The Klaus Weiss Sounds & Percussion or Klaus Weiss Rhythm And Sounds. »Sound Inventions (Selected Sounds)« was his second album under the latter name with miniatures of drums and synthesizers. Best TV-series groove with tastefully cheesy programmed instruments belongs to it as well as Disco-Boogie or New Wave moments, mostly condensed to an idea that carries easily for one or two minutes. In the title track Klaus Weiss even allowed himself a Moroder moment in the form of a small bow to Donna Summer’s »I Feel Love«. The occasional freer studies in sound are especially great when they break away from recognizable formulas or models. Bands like Broadcast could possibly get one or the other inspiration here.